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What is nutrition and how much it is necessary for our body?

Health & Nutrition

What is nutrition why it is necessary for our body? 

The daily diet  or food we eat and the way they react with our health.Food is really very Essential for our body but knowing about which food is best for our body & health.
  When diet is not good exercise will never give's you the better results,diet is all about nutrition,healthy lifestyle physical activity get only by proper  nutrition many celebs looks fit it dosen't means just because of richness they eat whatever they like.
      And think about it how tough is to stay away from tasty foods when you able to purchase it?  Without  Dedication  it is difficult.

 Especially for me! 

Health & Nutrition

What are the signs of poor nutrition? 

Feeling tired 

When you are not able to do anything for long hours and get tired after some minutes then your nutrition is not proper. Why we eat food ? for energy ! by this we can able to do work this plays actually very essential role. 

Dry hair 

It is very irritating when my hair not set properly.shine in hair which every one wants to get .
Due to lack of proper's affects your hair growth also. 

Slow immune system

Nowadays many types of health issues occurs no of people are inffecting because of pathogens( bad bacteria)  or virus. Right -Now whole world is suffering from virus which is (covid-19) those people getting infected who's immune system is low not be able to fight with it . Nutrition is very important... 

Did you know?  virus had a layer of (cap-sid)  which is made up of protein. 

How to improve Health & nutritiion ?

Vegetables -There are n nombers of vegetables but which i like tasty such as-



It can reduce your risk of heart diseases.tamato contains oxalic acid and also rich in vitamin -c which is  necessary for skin.damage of cells is also it can reduce the most important thing is that  it can easily get.



I like the most my favorite,it contains (vitamin -B)  it helps to boost immunity system which helps us to fight with bacteria. 
           Mushroom is total fat free and cholestrol free then you can easily eat without any fear but some foods are not good for all so, getting consult with your doctor will gives you the best results. 

 Top 2 fruits for better nutrition 


It contains (vitamin - c) good for your skin.magnesium which is also good for skin banana can contains. patassium for heart people who are suffering from (blood pressure) helps in digestion.


Prevent's you from skin damage, Blood pressure and also it maintains your sugar level.In morning you can drink orange juice it can enhance your body and gives you fresh feeling actually i drink orange juice  in the  morning. if you don't like then drink it on which time -is suitable for you and your body. 


Health & nutrition is the only way you can able to survive.Without nutrition your body doesn't work properly.  To eat junk food you can enjoy but fix time or date for that the quantity of nurtional food you have to eat more.
       Right now whole world is facing ( covid-19)  problem the only way you can able to safe by your proper diet. hope in this articles you"ll get all the information regarding. Health & nutrition if you like this article then like and share.

Be happy Stay healthy 

Written by-Gaurav

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Top 3 food to boost immune system

Top 3 food to boost your immune system

 What is health why people are concerned about it? 

Health absense of disease,also ones potential to fight against  (Pathogen)  there are number of bacteria's are in our body.Those bacteria which effects your immune system is know as pathogen.

So, there are many foods which had  lot of vitamins & minirals but many of them people don't able to consume there are several reasons wheather it was not tasty or cost of that item.

Top 3 Food to boost your immune, which I selected easily avail and also tasty i personally use it. 


Easily available item made up of milk as we all know milk products are very useful or effective to boost immunity or  for digestion also. 
        It contains vitamin-B, B12 which are beneficial cost of the yogurt is also minimum. Thats why I was able to use it hehe! 

Most important  thing Bacteria which i was talking above some are bad or good.It is also made up of bactaria Produce Lacto bacillus which convert it into yogurt.



Major source to boost immune system is  vitamin -A also very tasty to eat especially i love to  eat  with paneer
 Easily available and cost is also not high. Spanich in my childhood  favourite cartoon Popayee the sailor man popaye always get energy by spanich. This reminds me when i talk about this food.
It had vitamin-c also which prevents your skin from wrinkles. I prefer and also experts prefer it a super-food. 



Rich source of carbohydrates when I eat 4-5 almonds full day of my is energetic. Also you don't get hungry for some time while traveling it was very useful i found to boost immune system 
It contains Vitamin-E (Tocopheral) helpful for hair & skin. cost-moderate also maintain bone health many more benefits. 


Why i prefer it as top 3 food because i use, there are several food which contains protein but some of them are not all one can afford etc boosting your immune system most important thing to stay healthy to maintain health process is not easy daily you have to consume.
       There are many experts,doctors says  about daily intake of protein foods all athelets follows strict diet to maintain their health.Figure out your daily routine and choose - only one day to eat cheat food.

As we knew Health is wealth whole world is facing pendemic boosting your immune system helps you to prevent from this virus Covid-19.

Stay healthy thank you for visit my blog if you like this Top 3 food to boost immune system  then please comment your opinion which one do you like the most. 

Written by - Gaurav

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Friday, August 14, 2020


Power of lemon for your skin & health

Power of lemon for your skin & health


What is lemon?  

Lemon is a type of fruit which contains detoxifying agent and vitamin - is really very beneficial for health as well as for your skin also.specially in hot weather to drink lemon juice it refresh whole body .
         It actually quite good to drink lemon -water in place of plain water. You can also try to drink and difference you"ll get.!

Skin benefits

Vitamin-C is very important for our body and internal nourishment is very helpful to get a glowing skin. When you drink lemon on that time try to use its few drops on your face after washing it  few minutes later your face becomes very clean. Pores of the skin actually holds dust on face which we do not look with naked eyes.
            Due to this pimples comes on face it was very irritating when pimple develop on face specially in hot weather ! 

Uses in medicines 

To treat scurvy it happens when your body dosn't have enough vitamin-C which actually most important for skin & health. Boost your immune system which defense body from pathogen ( harmful bacteria).   
               Think about it when body are not able to fight with bacteria not only your skin can damage even whole body!  There are some more benefits such as Controlling your ( Blood pressure) today's  era people are suffering from ( hypertension ) lemon helps in maintaining. 

Weight loss 

For this people mostly search about wheather men or women which really concerned about their weight and actually want to, lemon plays in this also very effective role early morning we all drink water but lemon with water refresh  you but also helps in to reduce weight .
according to experts they tells to drink lemon with hot water.
     But i don't try this because i like it with chilled water after drink i feel energetic.

PH value

 To drink lemon juice in morning maintains (PH value) of body when (hydrochloric acid ) in our stomach increases starts creating problems. So lemon can tackle with it easily  people also take (antacid) use lemon it eaily available in kitchen .


Lemon gives you many benefits i only talk about those things which i actually used above information you easily get from many places but i tell about in a precis way i hope you get information which helps you to understand the lemon - why is powerful for your skin and health. 

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Be happy Stay health

Written by-Gaurav

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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Hemoglobin is important for your body ?

Hemoglobin is  important for your body ? 

Why hemoglobin is important ?

It is a type of protein which is very necessary for your body. It actually contains ( Red blood cells ) which carry oxygen to all cells and get back Carbon-dioxide. By which thing we get oxygen circulation in our body is how much important.
        If in our body hemoglobin is not present then transfer of  oxygen from legs to lungs it can takes 2 years.


Why Hemoglobin colour is red ?

Due to Iron it's colour is red that's why iron in foods which we eat is very important. It can maintaine our body to fight against diseases. 
                   When we injured when bleeding is happen you'll notice about it's colour is red. 

What happens when it decreases ?

Anemia vitamin B-12 in this your body don't have enough iron  it can change your ( Red blood cells ) shape .When (RBC) shape can change it becomes less effective. They don't even work properly 

Amount of hemoglobin ? 

Will you die by anemia ? 

If you will not treat ,it can cause heart disease & supply of blood and oxygen will decrease. Without oxygen  life is not possible.  Without treatment  only  12 years you can survive 

What happens when it increases ?

Polycthemia ( bone marrow can produce too much RBC''s) anything wheather it is good or bad when it get excess gives bad result. Doctor's may only gives you right suggestion's about your health because everyone body condition are different. 

Essential food to increase Hemoglobin in your body? 



It is the great source of protein,healthiest food it contains omega- 3 and many more nutrients But eating this daily may cause a problem as we talk about anything excess use may cause - Fish can contain mercury which is toxic. It harms your body. 



Superfood which i really eat in breakfast full of easily available and majority of people consume it. Bread with egg in breakfast you can eaily consume if you have any-type of problem or not. 
         There may foods which are essential but these 2 foods you can eaily get like to eat.

Minimum level of hemoglobin in your body? 

For male and female it is slightly different. 

Male 13.5 to 17.5 

Female - 12 to 16.5


hope All your doubt will clear about hemoglobin how much it's importance in our body today's life is really very stress full eating healthy food is not enough.
          You have to do things which gives happiness to your mind because if your mind-set is good any type of disease may not even dare to touch you happiness is the most important key-factor as well as game-changer .

Be happy stay healthy 

Written by- Gaurav 


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Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Italy develops corona vaccine..?

Shout updates 

Corona Evil

Italy claims to develop corona vaccine.Covid-19 pendimic is spreaded  all over the world. Covid-19 ( acute syndromes respiratory disorder ) it affects immunity system especially .

Symptoms are pain,fever,cough and problem during respiration.

Itlay is one of the most advance country especially in medical sector. But still total number of death recorded is-  2,58,344  by it we can get a example that whole world is suffering a lot .

This is not the first time when pendemic spreaded diseases like H.I.V and Ebola are such example .when vaccines was developed then only conditions became stable. 

Now,during a crucial time itlay claims about the vaccine develop. Is it true? 
An italian firm/ Health experts tell about first vaccine which is tested and getting effective result.

But still it takes time to get authorization and after fully testing it will soon avail but this time the only way to fight with covid-19 social/distancing and people are following sincerely. 

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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High Blood presssure

High Blood Pressure. 


Today, I would like to tell you about high blood pressure i hope you will find this article helpful. 

Feeling tired in view of hyper-tension pursue these tips to remain dynamic

Hypertension or hypertension is caused because of strain in muscles and veins and the issue of blood venturing to every part of the body.
    The vast majority of the occasions, patients don't experience its side effects rather feel tired constantly.

On the off chance that you are feeling fatigued yet are not ready to make sense of for what reason is that, you might experience the ill effects of hypertension. So on the off chance that you are feeling tired due to hypertension at that point pursue these tips to remain dynamic -

Health tips

Blood pressure. 

1-Shed your Weight -

It has been seen that individuals having more weight will probably feel drained and disappointed that the one with an ordinary body. Overweight individuals are presented to numerous heart infections and odds of achieving hypertension.

Your body may require more vitality and time to work legitimately. It will result in weariness and dazedness. So in the event that you need to maintain a strategic distance from these manifestations, begin working out.

 Go to a rec center, keep running in the recreation center or hit a heart stimulating exercise class. Make working out a daily practice and you will be effective soon.

2. Avoid Tensions -

Studies have discovered that getting irate and worrying on things always advances hypertension. Keep yourself quiet. Continue tasting on liquids. When you stress or keep your dissatisfaction, you for the most part make a weight on muscles and veins. When the pressure is made, blood gushing in the body can't pass easily.

 This is the thing that hypertension or high BP called. There are a great deal of courses by which you can maintain a strategic distance from pressures. It incorporates - perusing books, associating socially, discussing it, taking occasions and investigating nature. By settling your feelings of anxiety, say farewell to tiredness and hypertension.

3. Consume these Ingredients -

There are a couple of fixings which can be devoured to standardize the rate of circulatory strain and expel the tiredness or exhaustion from the body. You Ought t to have - garlic, ginger, lime water, basil leaves and so on.

All these nourishment fixings help in recovering the dissemination at an ordinary rate abandoning one dynamic and solid.
At whatever point you feel like drained or unsteady, have a go at having both of the nourishments rapidly and afterward feel the distinction.

4. Maintain a Balanced Diet -

Many of us do senseless errors with regards to eat less carbs. We tend to skirt our suppers and now and again gorge. There remains no diagram for a decent eating routine and a legitimate cycle. 

Spotlight on eating admirably at correct time. Make an effort not to eat salt as it might build wooziness, weariness because of expanded circulatory strain. Get checked once from your specialist. On the off chance that there is any insufficiency of fixing in your body, at that point you will be requested to take supplements.

5.- Say no to Caffeine -

Caffeine is a fixing found in tea, espresso, chocolates, and different nourishments. It causes exhaustion and tipsiness. Individuals experiencing BP should avoid such sustenances. Maintaining a strategic distance from caffeine can help you evacuating tiredness. Ensure you are not wiping out caffeine all of a sudden. Go moderate since it can cause fretfulness generally.

These days individuals are living in the worry because of the weight of work. Commonly individuals can not accommodate with the issues of home issues in the workplace and they end up discouraged because of stress. Numerous such cases have developed when individuals submit suicide. Subsequently, worry of pointlessly is hazardous for our life.

Therapists additionally trust that a man ought to dependably do what he/she prefers. Anybody ought to never do any work by coming into weight. You should transparently snicker and joke. Meet individuals and offer joy. Continuously make companions who bolster you stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Be as one with the family. Instead of flee from any issues, attempt to explain it with everybody. A few people are transient and a few people submit suicide because of mental pressure. The individuals who experience the ill effects of mental pressure should look for therapeutic counsel.


Utilize these strategies to remain loose.

The individual should give careful consideration to everyday eating routine. There ought to be correspondence of positive vitality around you. Transparently grin, grin openly and share your focuses with your companions or relatives . As opposed to contemplating issues, attempt to expel them.
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Aloe vera benefits.

Aloe vera benefits. 


Aloe vera benefits do you that aloe vera juice is very beneficial for our body. 

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera. 

Advantages of drinking aloe vera juice?

1. Alkalinity

A body with an acidic pH is a reproducing ground for infection. It's an environment where ailment flourishes.

Help keep your body adjusted by eating and drinking soluble nourishments and refreshments, for example, aloe vera juice.

Other brilliant antacid nourishment decisions include:

verdant greens

root vegetables


nuts and seeds

apple juice vinegar

coconut vinegar

2. Hydration

The aloe plant is exceptionally water-thick, so it's a perfect method to forestall or treat parchedness.

 Remaining hydrated enables your body to detox by giving an approach to you to cleanse and flush out polluting influences. The juice likewise packs a heavy punch of supplements that upgrade your body's organ yield.

This is vital, in light of the fact that your kidneys and liver are to a great extent in charge of the assignment of detoxifying your blood and creating pee. Therefore, you have to keep them sound.

Recuperation from overwhelming activity likewise requires rehydration through the admission of additional liquids.

Your body requires more liquids with the end goal to flush and free itself of the lactic corrosive development from working out. Attempt aloe vera squeeze rather than coconut water after your next hard exercise.

3. Liver capacity

With regards to detoxing, sound liver capacity is vital.

Aloe vera juice is a fantastic method to keep your liver solid. That is on the grounds that the liver capacities best when the body is satisfactorily sustained and hydrated.

Aloe vera juice is perfect for the liver since it's hydrating and wealthy in phytonutrients.

4. For clogging

Drinking drinking aloe vera juice  helps increment the water content in your digestion tracts. Research has demonstrated the connection between expanding the intestinal water content and the incitement of peristalsis, which causes you pass stool regularly.

In case you're blocked up or have issues with regular blockage, have a go at consolidating aloe vera juice into your day by day schedule.

 Aloe likewise standardizes the solid microbes in your gut, keeping your sound intestinal vegetation adjusted.

5. For clear skin

Hydrating aloe vera juice may help diminish the recurrence and appearance of skin break out. It might likewise help decrease skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Aloe vera is a rich wellspring of cancer prevention agents and nutrients that may help secure your skin.

The essential mixes in aloe vera have additionally been appeared to kill the impacts of bright (UV) radiation, repair your skin from existing UV harm, and help avert scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles.

6. Nutritious lift

Aloe vera juice is stick stuffed with supplements. Drinking it is a great method to ensure you don't end up lacking. It contains critical nutrients and minerals like nutrients B, C, E, and folic corrosive.

It likewise contains little measures of:










Aloe vera is one of the main plant wellsprings of nutrient B-12, as well. This is brilliant news for veggie lovers and vegetarians.

Keeping your nourishment and drink admission supplement rich is enter in fighting most preventable ailments.

7. Indigestion alleviation

Drinking aloe vera juice may give you help when acid reflux assaults. The mixes present in aloe vera juice help control emission of corrosive in your stomach.
 The impacts have even been appeared to battle gastric ulcers and shield them from getting bigger.

8. Stomach related advantages

Aloe vera contains a few compounds known to help in the breakdown of sugars and fats and to keep your absorption running easily.

On the off chance that your stomach related framework isn't working ideally, you won't retain the majority of the supplements from the sustenance you're eating.

You must keep your inner motor sound with the end goal to receive the rewards from your eating regimen.

Aloe vera may help diminish bothering in the stomach and digestive organs. The juice may likewise assist individuals with touchy inside disorder (IBS) and other provocative disarranges of the digestive organs.

One investigation of 33 IBS patients found that aloe vera juice diminished the torment and inconvenience of IBS.
The investigation was not fake treatment controlled, so more research is required.

Aloe vera was likewise gainful to individuals experiencing ulcerative colitis in a prior twofold visually impaired, fake treatment controlled investigation.

9. Beauty hacks

It was very beneficial for face it can clarifies skin and also dark spots. There are many aloe vera juice of different brands.

What amount of sugar is in aloe vera juice? 

In contrast to most squeezes, a 4-ounce serving of aloe vera juice contains no sugar and just a couple of calories. In case you're watching your sugar admission, aloe vera juice is a solid decision.


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